Understand the Industry - Globally & Locally

We're taking a look at the many dimensions of the virtual reality and augmented reality markets - globally and locally. We want to understand the unique assets we have among Rhode Island's practitioners, their goals and needs, and help them make valuable connections.

Position RIVR for Competitive Advantage

As we learn about Rhode Island's VR/AR resources, and the needs and interests of the market, our next step is to accelerate learning and connectedness to prepare RIVR for successful competition today and in the years to come. Our goal is for Rhode Island to be a material participant in an industry expected to be worth $180 billion annually within 10 years.

Make A Significant Economic Impact in Rhode Island

Since 2014 billions of dollars have been invested to fund research and development, new companies, and new kinds of communications productions. So far only a tiny fraction of that investment has come to Rhode Island. We're going to form a VR industry cluster, and ignite interest in RIVR constituents.

RIVR is nurturing the development of a Virtual Reality ecosystem in Rhode Island.


Rhode Island Virtual Reality - Lorne Adrain

Lorne Adrain

A community and philanthropic leader. Chair of the URI Foundation and board member at BIF

Rhode Island Virtual Reality - Adam Blumenthal

Adam Blumenthal

VR Artist-in-Residence at Brown University, and Executive Producer at
Curious Sense.

Rhode Island Virtual Reality - Ted Bogosian

Ted Bogosian

Emmy-winning filmmaker and TV producer. Teaches innovative digital techniques for movie making at Brown

Rhode Island Virtual Reality - Siu-Li Khoe

Siu-Li Khoe

An MIT alum with a great track record moving organizations from Vision to Operational Excellence

Rhode Island Virtual Reality - Tom Sgouros

Tom Sgouros

Visiting Scientist at Brown Computer Science, Manager of Brown’s YURT VR facility, RISD Faculty.

RIVR Community


15 hours ago


For those who couldn't make the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), we'll be bringing the event to you. Join us for an evening discussion of VR and AR trends that were demonstrated during this year's event presented by Nicholas Napp of Xmark Labs.

We'll also be discussing Empty Latency's Free-Roam, an epic-scale multiplayer VR application, and HypnoVR's VR Medical Hypnosis.

CES is the world's gathering place for all who thrive on the business of consumer technologies. In 2019, it was also a place to see the latest and greatest virtual and augmented reality.

Come to Rhode Island Virtual Reality’s January Meetup for an overview of key trends at CES especially in the world of AR/VR and also lesser reported but interesting technologies on display.


Link: www.meetup.com/RIVirtualReality/events/258280414/

Come as you are. We gather to learn and connect with each other, problem solve and brainstorm, drink and eat.
We're looking forward to meeting you!

These meetups are free and open to the public.

*Photo Courtesy of Sui-Li Khoe.

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2 days ago


The Microsoft Hololens will be making surgery safer by being the new tool for surgeons to identify where blood vessels are. Since each human is built differently, the ability to locate where the blood vessels would be on anyone can help make surgeries more precise.

#AR #hololens


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5 days ago


Using sunglasses rather than glasses is nreal's choice for their first foray into the MR market. The nreal light will remain light while allowing the user to view digital avatars overlaid over the real world using two cameras.

#MR #rhodeislandvr


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1 week ago


RIVR's amazing student volunteers from THE MET at Junior Achievement RI 's Inspire event December 2018 - having fun with the green screen. ...

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