Understand the Industry - Globally & Locally

We're taking a look at the many dimensions of the virtual reality and augmented reality markets - globally and locally. We want to understand the unique assets we have among Rhode Island's practitioners, their goals and needs, and help them make valuable connections.

Position RIVR for Competitive Advantage

As we learn about Rhode Island's VR/AR resources, and the needs and interests of the market, our next step is to accelerate learning and connectedness to prepare RIVR for successful competition today and in the years to come. Our goal is for Rhode Island to be a material participant in an industry expected to be worth $180 billion annually within 10 years.

Make A Significant Economic Impact in Rhode Island

Since 2014 billions of dollars have been invested to fund research and development, new companies, and new kinds of communications productions. So far only a tiny fraction of that investment has come to Rhode Island. We're going to form a VR industry cluster, and ignite interest in RIVR constituents.

RIVR is nurturing the development of a Virtual Reality ecosystem in Rhode Island.


Rhode Island Virtual Reality - Lorne Adrain

Lorne Adrain

A community and philanthropic leader. Chair of the URI Foundation and board member at BIF

Rhode Island Virtual Reality - Adam Blumenthal

Adam Blumenthal

VR Artist-in-Residence at Brown University, and Executive Producer at
Curious Sense.

Rhode Island Virtual Reality - Ted Bogosian

Ted Bogosian

Emmy-winning filmmaker and TV producer. Teaches innovative digital techniques for movie making at Brown

Rhode Island Virtual Reality - Siu-Li Khoe

Siu-Li Khoe

An MIT alum with a great track record moving organizations from Vision to Operational Excellence

Rhode Island Virtual Reality - Tom Sgouros

Tom Sgouros

Visiting Scientist at Brown Computer Science, Manager of Brown’s YURT VR facility, RISD Faculty.

RIVR Community


2 days ago


Celebrity Cruises' Edge is seeking to push innovation with cruise ships by implementing VR and AR technology to streamline tours and construction. The Celebrity Edge is the first ship to be designed fully with VR and comes packed with new features including face recognition software for boarding and an AR tour with the companies' CEO.

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4 days ago


Please Join Us at the Southeastern New England Defense Industry Alliance (SENEDIA) Tech Talk on Tuesday, 11 December at 0730am at the Cambria: Atlantic Resort, 240 Aquidneck Avenue, Middletown, RI. This Tech Talk will include a speaker introduction and panel segment. We will explore the range of tools, applications and opportunities applying Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality in the Defense Industry.

Find more information here: events.r20.constantcontact.com/register/event?llr=stowiykab&oeidk=a07efvl1i2y651d2f3d

Register for the event here: events.r20.constantcontact.com/register/eventReg?oeidk=a07efvl1i2y651d2f3d&c=7409c160-390b-11e8-b...

Siu-Li Khoe served as one of five founders of Rhode Island Virtual Reality (RIVR) in September 2016 and became Executive Director in November 2017. Siu-Li is dedicated to creating a vibrant VR/AR ecosystem in New England by bridging the gap between interest and projects.

Peter Haas is the Associate Director of the Brown University Humanity Centered Robotics Initiative. He was the Co-Founder and COO of XactSense, a UAV manufacturer working on LIDAR mapping and autonomous navigation.

Nicholas Napp, of XMark Labs, has worked with VR and AR for more than 20 years, from the early use of VR in episodic computer animation production to the development of a variety of VR and AR components and products. He has brought over 40 products to market across a wide range of consumer and enterprise markets.

Diana Nolan is the Virtual World Lead Systems Architect at the Naval Undersea Warfare Center Division Newport. Virtual world technology is used for training, rapid prototyping, collaborative design activities, and war gaming.

David Randle is an entrepreneurial and energetic execution junkie with passion to always deliver greater collective enlightenment. He has more than 12 years of experience helping strategize, design, build and execute businesses, products and experiences in the design software industry. David is responsible for new business and market creation including emerging technology (like XR) and communities for DASSAULT SYSTEMES SolidWorks Corp.

*Photo courtesy of the SENEDIA

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6 days ago


Movie night at AS220. Thank you to everyone who joined us. ...

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2 weeks ago


Check out the Mill's BLACKBIRD, a vehicle that can be filmed anywhere at anytime. The BLACKBIRD can be adjusted to the shape and size of almost any existing car. By overlaying the vehicle with CGI, film productions can capture accurate measurements of the vehicle's real-world position and create the illusion with greater ease and affordability.


Link: youtu.be/OnBC5bwV5y0

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