Rhode Island Virtual Reality recently received a significant private gift from the Zennovation Fund through the United Way of Rhode Island MyFund program.

RIVR has over 400, highly engaged members, who participate in learning, collaboration, innovation, and outreach. RIVR’s primary goals are to

1. Attract and retain investment and jobs

2. Prepare RI-based VR/AR based efforts to move faster creating opportunities to capture market share

3. Position RI as an effective competitor in the sector, able to “punch above its weight class” in attracting investments and commercial interest.

RIVR Director Siu-Li Khoe says that, “Although we are pursuing institutional and commercial funding, we cannot survive in the short term without the generous support of community leadership who believe that our market making endeavors have significant positive economic effects for Rhode Island. We are deeply grateful for the recognition of our work this gift represents.”

Says Lorne Adrain, “Direct support for RIVR from one of Asia’s leading technology entrepreneurs is both encouraging and inspiring. They believe Providence and Rhode Island have an opportunity to lead in the VR/AR sector.”

“Small and large companies are calling RIVR because they know we will listen, connect and make room for inspiration and collaboration. If it is important to prove out practical applications, come to RI; we’ll make it happen. The best in VR is yet to come. Engineers, Designers and Subject Matter Experts come together around VR, AR, IoT, AI and Robotics. These represent some of the technologies being integrated to solve the big problems in Medicine & Healthcare, Manufacturing and Supply Chain, Oceans and other core RI industries. We look forward to supporting individuals and organizations on their Virtual Reality journey.” Says Siu-Li.



Rhode Island Virtual Reality

Rhode Island VR (RIVR) is group of learners, practitioners, entrepreneurs, organizations, institutions, researchers, supporters and just curious people who think Digital Reality tools can be a force for a better world. RIVR the organization helps produce opportunities to learn, and practice, connect people, provide outreach and workforce development opportunities that lead to Digital Reality related jobs, do business development, and build capacity. 

Zennovation aims to improve quality of life in the Providence community. The Zennovation Fund supports innovation in education, community leadership, arts and culture, and entrepreneurship and economic development. Lorne and Zennovation together gave $72,000 to launch the Rhode Island Virtual Reality effort.
Zennovations was recently formed as the largest single donor advised fund at United Way Rhode Island.


Support from additional stakeholders is being sought to sustain the effort to accomplish our goals.

For additional information please contact info@rivr.studio

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